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Like many developers, much of my work is in private Github repos so it can be difficult to see my work.  One project I worked on ( became OS after development.  However, all of the commits were flattened into a single commit by a single person so you can’t see my commit history.  For this reason I am outlining specific sections I worked on to highlight my code.

I was one of three developers on the project and it was built in Ruby on Rails with Bootstrap and Angular.

Challenge Platform – This is the full repo. I contributed to various models and controllers as needed, but it would be difficult at this point to point you to specific lines of code that I wrote in those sections, so I’m going to focus on the larger sections I worked on.  Aside from the voting functionality, which was replaced site-wide by a different system right before launch, and unless otherwise noted, I did pretty much everything in the following sections:

  • Testing Suite – I wrote all of the Model tests and approximately half of the Controller tests in the testing suite.
  • Topic Suggestions – We wanted users to have a way to suggest new topics for the Challenge to address.  You can view it live at the bottom of the page.
  • User Experiences – Users were allowed to share their experiences with a specific Challenge. I did a good chunk of the front end work in this section and it was my model for other sections I worked on. View it live.
  • User Ideas (also here) – Users were encouraged to share their ideas on how to solve challenges. Aside from the Idea Example functionality, which was added later, I did pretty much everything in this section. View it live.
  • User Approaches – Users could suggest step-by-step solutions to the Challenges. I did probably 90% of the front-end work on this and 50-60% of the back-end.  View it live.
  • i18n – When we decided to go open source, I was tasked with adding internationalization to the app.  It never made it into production and was not merged into master by the time I stopped working on the project, but it can still be viewed in the branch.  It was my first time doing i18n for a project and the big lesson learned was that adding it after the fact made it significantly more difficult.
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